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Welcome to Faithful Tomorrow Counseling Services, LLC

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I'm Marrium Guirguis LCSW, and I'm more than just a therapist - I'm your partner on this journey towards healing and growth. When you step into my space, you're stepping into a place of trust, compassion, and understanding.

I get it - life can throw some tough challenges our way. But together, we'll navigate through them. Whether you're dealing with PTSD, anxiety, or the complexities of family dynamics, know that you're not alone. I've walked alongside many individuals just like you, and I'm here to help you find your way.

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One thing that sets me apart is my own journey. I'm a little person, standing tall at 3'6". Life has taught me its own set of lessons, and I bring that unique perspective into our sessions. If you resonate with that and feel like there's a lot to unpack and work through, know that I'm here for you.

No matter your background or beliefs, I'm here to meet you where you are. Whether we draw on faith-based principles or take a more secular approach, the focus is always on you and your well-being.

Together, we'll embrace the rapid changes that life throws at us. We'll uncover your strengths, find gratitude, and equip you with the tools to face each day with confidence.

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So, what can you expect from our sessions? An emotional release, newfound self-discoveries, and practical tools to carry you through the week. I understand how a few days can feel like a lifetime with the weight of daily struggles.

Our time together will provide the essential relief and strength you need to move forward.

Remember, you're significant, and every part of your story matters. I have a knack for remembering the details, connecting the dots, and helping you see the bigger picture.

Telehealth might seem impersonal, but many have found it surprisingly comfortable with me. Together, we'll make it a space where you can truly open up.

I'm excited to be part of your journey, to witness your growth, and to help you build a brighter tomorrow.

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If you're ready to take the first step towards a more empowered, balanced tomorrow, I invite you to connect with me. Visit this link to schedule a session.

Together, we'll embark on a path of healing and growth, tailored just for you. I look forward to being a part of your journey towards a brighter future.

I look forward to Welcome to Faithful Tomorrow Counseling Services, LLC and joining you on your path.

Marrium Guirguis, LCSW

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